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Equal Rights for Constituents

Oh, the beleaguered Equal Rights Amendment. It’s been hanging around since 1971.

Back in the day, Jeff Van Drew was in favor of the amendment. Even after his party switch, he voted in favor of extending the deadline to ratify. But former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell consigned it to the graveyard of bills he refused to allow for a vote in the Senate.

This inclination to vote for the ERA extension after Van Drew switched parties didn’t go unnoticed. A former 2020 Republican primary opponent made a big deal out of it, saying Van Drew voted with the Great Liberal Boogeywomen Pelosi and AOC.

Van Drew won the Republican primary after Trump went to bat for him, but our illustrious turncoat must have taken the criticism to heart. This time around, he voted against the ERA extension. Without Trump, he’ll need bona fide Republican credentials. Republican House Representative Steve Scalise says that the ERA is not about equality, it’s about...abortion?

Apparently, to make it in the GOP, one has to demonstrate a willingness to keep women down. Jeff Van Drew needs to make it in the GOP after exploding his Democratic bridges.

We see you, Mr. Van Drew. It sure looks like you will sell out the women in your district just to keep that sweet taxpayer salary. It sure looks like you will vote as you are told by your new right-wing overseers, regardless of what we need. It sure looks like all they have to do is invoke the prospect of federally funded abortions (???) and powerful female Democrats to change your vote.

A woman in an orange blazer looking unimpressed.
Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

What do you believe, Mr. Van Drew?

Is the approval of right-wing legislators from other states more important than the people in your district?

Do we even matter to you?

After bowing to pressure from the far right, it looks like female constituents are just pawns in your career game.

We’ll find an actual representative that wants to listen to us and meet our needs. See you at the polls.


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