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Van Drew is Fundraising Off His Death Threat

It is not unusual to receive fundraising calls from politicians. The one I received tonight from the Van Drew campaign sent me into the stratosphere.

The caller said that the unhinged Left made a death threat against the Congressman and could he get a $75 donation to stop them. That the unhinged Left is calling him a traitor.

I told the caller that a person with possible mental issues left Jeff Van Drew a death threat, but that was nothing compared to what Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib get on the daily.

I told the caller that “I” am the “unhinged Left”. That I had volunteered with the first Van Drew for Congress campaign. And that the “unhinged Left” had nothing to do with his death threat. And that I am absolutely committed to defeating him legally, at the ballot box.

Rep. Van Drew is conflating one person’s alleged criminal act as the work of his political opposition. Unequivocally, it is not. We addressed this a few weeks ago.

This fear-mongering and demonization is lucrative to Republican campaigns. Did you ever wonder why Trump constantly lied regardless of the facts? Ever wonder why Trump viciously attacked media outlets while courting their attention?

It earned him money. His base trusted him more than the news. All he had to do was say something outrageous about Democrats, and his base opened up their wallets.

Keep in mind that some of Trump’s favorite political operatives are working with the New Jersey Republicans.

We can expect to see some of the same tactics.

These days, Jeff Van Drew sends out press releases complaining about the pandemic decisions of his own state’s governor. He could be working with our governor to provide relief and solutions, but governor-bashing gets a lot of clicks and grumbles.

We’d like our Congressman to work more for his district than for his re-election. If Van Drew had more legislative accomplishments, he wouldn’t need to lie about his disgruntled constituents to get money.

These falsehoods fester in the wounds of a divided, suffering nation. We cannot recover this way.

This is a guy that went to Congress praising bipartisan cooperation to solve problems.

Mr. Van Drew, you are accountable for your choices. You are accountable for every word you say, every “yea” and “nay” vote. There is nothing “unhinged” about pointing out your reversals. You voted against COVID relief and the voting rights you once cosponsored. You voted against marriage equality and against working on the Equal Rights Amendment. You switched your loyalty from the constituents in your district to the most corrupt President in modern history.

You’ve earned your criticism fair and square. We will call it what it is. That’s not persecution. That’s accountability.


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